Here is what you will be doing and what you need to get started with Email Processing Systems!

Here's What You Need To Get Started

Email Processing Jobs - What's Needed

1. A Premier PayPal Account (IF YOU DON'T HAVE ONE, is FREE to Join.)
2. One-Time Activation Fee Includes Pre-Written Ads and Step By Step Instructions. Only US$25
3. A computer and about 20 minutes available to work and do email processing jobs.

Here's What You Will Be Doing

Email processing systems what you will do

1. Post Pre-Written Ads on Facebook, Twitter, Backpage, Craigslist, etc.
2. Post these ads everyday between 7am & 7pm.
3. Monitor your Paypal account and watch your account fill up with US$25 payments from your email processing system!
4. Reply to the people who paid you and give them the info they requested.

When you first begin this email processing job program an average user should be able to make a conservative US$125-US$750 or more per week.

Getting Started With

Email Processing System!

No Monthly Fees! However, there is a Admin fees of $25 that must be paid in order to keep the email processing jobs system running strong.

Email Processors Just Needs A Cell Phone or Computer To Make Money!